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Are They Taking the Punchbowl Away???


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Market Update 7/1/2014…Slipping out?

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An Extra $209900 in 5 years….sign me up


This means that your $750,000 home bought today would be valued at $959900 in five years. Investment, second, or primary property where else are you going to get that return. Real Estate is coming off its lows, stocks, bonds, and funds are all reaching all time high values with a very real threat of a bust… buy low sell high, time to move back into real estate.

Update 9-15

Been a long two weeks, the markets have been volatile, but stable if that makes any sense.  We have seen huge swings but at the end of the day they have averaged out in a pretty consistent pattern.  CPI number hit the wire along with the news spokesholes spamming the outlets about mortgage rates hitting lowest levels in 60 years. Major banks, BofA specifically is still bleeding out uncontrollably we could see a flat line scenario soon.  Mortgage Bonds are off today…my advice is to lock in while rates are at these levels.

Week in Preview 8-29

This is going to be one of those strap in and hold on kind of weeks.   More economic news than should be allowed in one week, started today.  It all comes together on Friday with the Jobs Report and Unemployment Number. Mortgage bonds are off this morning, on rising inflationary numbers.  I suggest carefully floating today, but being prepared to lock at a break below the S1 level outlined in the charts.  Watch the video.


Update 8-24

After a long vacation, it looks like the market is up to its old tricks.  Big Ben is speaking this week and the Bonds are profit taking and the stocks are swinging from highs to lows each day. Email me with any questions you might have about rates in today’s environment:


What a Week…Let’s Review 8-5

Massive run up in mortgage back securities (MBS) this week leads us to touch on the lowest rates ever recorded.  Jobs report came out today and the unemployment numbers as well. The government is doing everything it can to distance itself from the nightmare of the debt ceiling issue that started a huge sell off in stocks  over a week ago.  Watch the video to get all the goods.

My Position is floating into next weeks reports….

Week in Preview 8-1

Hang on this is going to be a wild week.  With Mortgage Bonds at the best levels of the year, and a  complete line up of market moving data, finishing off with the Jobs Report, this is going to be a crazy one.  Watch the video and give me some feed back on your take of whats happening with the economy right now….

Carefully Floating is my position for the week!

Week in Preview 7-25

Still no resolution to the debt ceiling issues and this helped rates move a leg higher last week and is putting pressure on rates today…this week we have on tap,  99 Billion in Treasuries that are set to be auctioned off. Ever wondered what a Trillion looks like: What does one TRILLION dollars look like

Cautiously Locking until debt ceiling issues are resolved

Week In Review 7-15

Overall this was a pretty good week, we lost a little ground in interest rate, but 3 bond auctions went off all having good results.   There is a new trend developing in the rate market watch the video to see.  Also check out a couple new bill looking at being introduced to Congress.  Am I Locking or Floating????