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Week in Preview 7-12

This week we have the FOMC meeting kicking off and our normal plate of Coupon Auctions.  This week we are also riding a fight to quality bid, and rates approaching again the best levels of the year.  Watch the video to hear more and see the charts as we lifted off the lows of the year on Friday!!!

Week in Review 6-24

This week we saw rates again hit the low point of 2011 and then get held off from moving any lower. The MBS finished off the week at the top of the trading channel ahead of next weeks economic line up of Auctions and Inflationary reports.  Dont forget to pass this along to friends and family that need to refinance or purchase.


Alert to Lock the MBS broke below the 200 day moving average, on rising inflationary news. Tomorrow we have the CPI numbers which could further erode the bond market given that we did fall through that 200 day floor.  To exasperate the issue we fell off the Up Escalator, putting a short-term end to our rate rally.


Week In Preview 5-23

This week we are looking at Bond auctions and some inflation reports at the end of the week, click to play the  rate report and find out if I’m locking or floating… Don’t forget to subscribe!

Mortgage Rates at a Crossroad….

After 14 straight days of positive Fannie Mae 4% coupon closings, the bond finally looks to be at a crossroad.  The attach video shows the 14 day rally, the huge battle to break through the triple overhead layers of resistance and  todays head on collision with the 200 day moving average.  What is the market to do?  Tomorrow we have the Jobs numbers hitting the wire at 8:30EST, this usually volatile report could either catapult the Mortgage Bonds higher and further the rally or kill it off and cause a massive selloff, which by the way the bond market is ripe for.  Its going to be interesting to watch.