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Rates remain range bound since May what will it take to go lower? Click to listen!

Are They Taking the Punchbowl Away???


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What a Week…Let’s Review 8-5

Massive run up in mortgage back securities (MBS) this week leads us to touch on the lowest rates ever recorded.  Jobs report came out today and the unemployment numbers as well. The government is doing everything it can to distance itself from the nightmare of the debt ceiling issue that started a huge sell off in stocks  over a week ago.  Watch the video to get all the goods.

My Position is floating into next weeks reports….

Week in Preview 6-27

End of QE 2 this week quite possibly spells the end of low mortgage rates as we know it.  Expect major volatility this week with major reports and 4th of July light trading volume.  MBS are taking a beating already, watch the video to get all the details you do not want to be caught off guard this week…..Find out if i’m floating or locking….

Week in Review 6-24

This week we saw rates again hit the low point of 2011 and then get held off from moving any lower. The MBS finished off the week at the top of the trading channel ahead of next weeks economic line up of Auctions and Inflationary reports.  Dont forget to pass this along to friends and family that need to refinance or purchase.


Alert to Lock the MBS broke below the 200 day moving average, on rising inflationary news. Tomorrow we have the CPI numbers which could further erode the bond market given that we did fall through that 200 day floor.  To exasperate the issue we fell off the Up Escalator, putting a short-term end to our rate rally.


Breakout above 200 day

Check out this video on this mornings recent MBS activity….Floating both long and short-term now…


Week In Review 5-20

Rates stay pretty much unchanged this week, with little economic news reported.  Take a look at the chart and notice how a crossroad is emiment in the very near future.  MBS are near unchanged today…lock short, float long.

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This week in preview we look to Thursday for the only real market moving reports, also I am recommending locking 30 day closings and floating longer transactions. Mortgage rates improved from last week. Volatility should be low this week.  MBS are still pressed up against the 200 day moving average.

Mortgage Rates at a Crossroad….

After 14 straight days of positive Fannie Mae 4% coupon closings, the bond finally looks to be at a crossroad.  The attach video shows the 14 day rally, the huge battle to break through the triple overhead layers of resistance and  todays head on collision with the 200 day moving average.  What is the market to do?  Tomorrow we have the Jobs numbers hitting the wire at 8:30EST, this usually volatile report could either catapult the Mortgage Bonds higher and further the rally or kill it off and cause a massive selloff, which by the way the bond market is ripe for.  Its going to be interesting to watch.