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5 Ways A Reverse Mortgage Can Fit Into Your Retirement Plan


How can a Reverse Mortgage be used for retirement security?

  1. Replace cash reserves
  2. Delay drawing Social Security payments and pension payouts
  3. Loan Proceeds are not considered income and can be used as a tax- free income supplement
  4. Eliminate monthly mortgage payments to help increase cash flow
  5. Buffer spending of investments in a down market


The Big Picture

Home equity is a dynamic financial tool that should be discussed when planning your retirement.

Call or Email me to set up a free consultation on the pros and cons of a Reverse Mortgage and how it may fit into your families long term plans.

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Help we are stuck in a trading channel and can’t get out!!!

Last update of the summer, range bound…click here to listen


An Extra $209900 in 5 years….sign me up


This means that your $750,000 home bought today would be valued at $959900 in five years. Investment, second, or primary property where else are you going to get that return. Real Estate is coming off its lows, stocks, bonds, and funds are all reaching all time high values with a very real threat of a bust… buy low sell high, time to move back into real estate.