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Week in Preview 8-29

This is going to be one of those strap in and hold on kind of weeks.   More economic news than should be allowed in one week, started today.  It all comes together on Friday with the Jobs Report and Unemployment Number. Mortgage bonds are off this morning, on rising inflationary numbers.  I suggest carefully floating today, but being prepared to lock at a break below the S1 level outlined in the charts.  Watch the video.


CHASE PAYS YOU 1%…Do they really?

This may be a bit long but if you are even thinking about looking into Chase for a mortgage and letting them pay you 1% a year, the 14 minutes watching this video will be time well spent.  Great radio and tv ads, but let me pull the curtain back for you and expose the worst gouging I have uncovered yet. As always I encourage your comments, and if you want to email me directly: